To The Generation That ‘Doesn’t Give A Fuck’..

..Well, ideally I would wrap it up in one line and say, ‘go take a hike’, but today I’m going to take 5 minutes of your time today to ask: Look around – no, really, look around and tell me if you see one kid doing what he is supposed to do at that age….

You Can Never Have Too Much Stationery

So I am someone who’s on the Mac through the day. While I don’t really need a notebook most of the time – thanks to awesome apps available on the store, I actually have a huge pile of them lying in my drawer, a cupboard and on my table. The logical question would be a…

When Expectations Make A Sound

Because it’s when the small becomes too big, And the big becomes too small, That the expectations set in And you lose it all. It’s not just you, And not just them. It’s a collective mess up That loses the most precious of gems. There wasn’t a solution That she couldn’t find. But there came…

Are Remote Workers Happier Than Office Employees?

I have always been asked if remote working makes me happier than the full time jobs I did over the years. My answer is always a big YES. In this post, it’s not me saying the same thing over and over again, but John Larase from TimeDoctor who proves remote workers are happier than office…

Read With Me: The 10 Books I Am Reading In 2017

Ever since I started my own marketing agency, there’s one thing that I really haven’t been able to get back to – reading. No matter how many times my mother gets me books from authors I was obsessed with before, there is absolutely no way I am able to ‘take out time’ for uninterrupted reading….

The strongest of them all. That’s my father, right there!

A true gentleman that you’d find, Sophisticated, wise and kind. Full of warmth and care, And invaluable advise. Yes, he’s the one always by our side. He has his days, With rays so sharp and bright. We go through it in a daze, Only to know it’s his own amusing maze. Hasn’t ever looked for…

The one that’s always going to stay. Happy Birthday Mom!

We’ve had our differences, We’ve had some fights. Going through it all, We turned things bright. You became the one I’d turn to, Every time I came away with no clue. You became the person I looked up to, Every time I needed to know what’s true. Because, You’re brighter than us all, Yet calmer…

From The Hills Of Dharamshala

So I recently embarked on a little vacation with a friend of mine – well, after almost 2 years of ‘hey! Let’s plan a trip’ and probably touring the entire world over Skype chats. While we didn’t go all that far, we did visit a beautiful place called Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. Here’s a stupid…


She’s looking for someone. Someone to take care of her, someone to tell her she’s perfect. Someone who can be with her through thick and thin. Little did she realise that this someone was with her all along. This someone was no one else but ‘she’. 


Good things come to those who hustle. Little did I realise I would be standing here and repeating the same line to others who asked me why I never really took a break and why I had to just keep going. Because hustling is a way of life and you start to love it as…

(Un)Employed For An Year And Loving It!

I chose to go remote professionally about an year back. There have been those who doubted my decisions, those who supported it through and through. But here’s why I think this ‘unemployment’ is suiting me and why I am going to remain so for a few more years. 

Don’t Need A Break.

There are times when I know I just want to go away for a vacation – a pretty long one, if you ask me truthfully. But there is a reason I don’t need a break from life right now and there’s a reason why I am not going to for a while.