The resolution notion

Every new year is welcomed with a list of resolutions and as always, most of us did the same this year. Guilty as charged – I made some too!

Let’s be honest for a minute, was the year that went by all that bad that you need to bring in a million changes to start the new year right? Are the resolutions you just listed going to make a difference in the long run? Wait a minute, are you even being reasonable to yourself while making them? Did you just come across a few resolutions made by a family member or a friend that influenced you into making your own?

Questions, yes. Questions with no ‘right’ answers.  Questions that even Google and Quora can’t answer for you.

Sad? But that’s the truth.

Here are some of the most common resolutions that I’ve come across:

  • Lose weight
  • Lead a healthier lifestyle
  • Find a new job
  • Make new friends

Not to sound too demoralising, but aren’t these the ‘exact same’ resolutions you made when 2014 came in?

There is an 80% chance that you completed some of them, but the other 20% says you did not even get the time to think about them once the celebrations ended. Sigh!

Wondering why I’m bringing all this up out of the blue and spoiling the ‘New Year, New You’ excitement of yours? Because unlike others, I want you to think rationally – at least for once! It isn’t all that difficult really. It’s just going to take you five minutes to come to terms with what I just put forward.

I don’t think hoping for a better year by making conscious efforts is a bad thing, I just think overdoing the whole ‘change’ is pointless. If it’s not going to make a difference in the long run, you probably shouldn’t waste your precious time on it now.

Why? Because what matters is NOW.

Not the past, not the future, but TODAY.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, still: “What you do today matters the most.”

If you’re going to tug along what happened in the past, trying to change it this year, it’s only going to bog you down along with the million other things you want to do. I would like to remind you of a very common abbreviation we’ve been using for years together now: YOLO.

For those of you who can no longer place it, it means ‘You Only Live Once’.

I made a few resolutions too – getting rid of the nonsensical people from my life, letting karma deal with them while I sit back of a plush couch watching them, doing a much better job at being ignorant to fools and of course, continuing to be the brat I am. As bad as these may sound, they ruled over me for the first week.

After spending a few nights pondering how I would do any of them, I have come to a solution – an answer rather – I can’t do anything about it.

Except being a brat, that I can do very well – but that’s only because I am one and it’s simpler to continue being what you are instead of changing and mending ways to become someone ‘better’. And all those praying to God for a lesser dose of sarcasm from me this year, here’s some good news – You’ll probably get double the sarcasm this year. YAY!


After a rain check on my brain, here are a few achievable resolutions I came up with:

  • Be more sarcastic, because it keeps your mind healthy
  • Not become thinner, but try and avoid all sorts of allergies
  • Read books that make me a bigger creep
  • Stalk some of the most productive people in the industry and learn from them
  • Study some more  (yes, highlight – if not now, when on earth will I?!)

Oh and..

  • Buy more shoes, bags and clothes – not because my wardrobe is scanty, just because I always want them.

Let’s make the year that was an year that will be – will be the BEST of them all because you decided to make a difference in your own life and not give a flying f*** about the background noise.



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