Ever thought of giving yourself a New Year gift?

Apart from those things you picked up for yourself at the sales, did you gift yourself something really meaningful? I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who haven’t even thought of this little ‘big’ gift – Rebooting your life.

Yes, rebooting your life is probably the best gift you could give yourself. It doesn’t just get you back in touch with your spirit, but also rekindles the joy that resides deep down in you, bringing out the best of truths that help you hold your ground while making choices.

The only analogy that I can probably come up with for this is that of an anti-virus software – it takes away all those bugs that have left you disoriented, distracted and far away from seeing the good around you for sometime now.

Now that you’re probably back to work and those regular chores that will keep you busy all the time, the only way you can get this gift is by promising yourself a breather – just a few days when all you will care about is yourself.

Yourself. Your family. Not someone else. Not your work. Not the society. Not all those factors that have bothered you in the year that went by.

I don’t ask you to drop everything you’re doing or plan to do right away; start with a few minutes – maybe just 5? Allow yourself to just sit back and breathe, and not think about what’s going to happen but about what has happened that has made you the person you are now – all those good things that made you smile once!

Be still and welcome thought that comes to you with open arms. All you need to do, is breathe. Just breathe.

Coming from a 22 year old (who is soon going to turn 23), this might just seem like really ‘heavy’ stuff. To be honest, it is. But the truth is, that over the last few years I’ve realised that giving myself a chance was far more important than giving others a chance was.

Be it a friend who betrayed and came around apologising, a teacher who stopped to believe in you and then came around saying she did, or that ‘special’ friend of yours who suddenly thought you weren’t doing enough while you were and then completely turning around their statements – might seem like small things to those who have spent more years living in this world than me, but these were enough for me to wake up to reality. The one and only person who deserved a chance after everything, was ‘me’.

The only way I could give myself a chance all over again, was by letting go of everything that hindered me from reaching the good – the reboot that I’ve been trying to pitch to you – the reboot that I’ve finally succeeded in executing, after almost an year of struggling with my scattered thoughts.

I’m no longer a student, I have a regular job and a lot of stuff that I need to do on my own because I am grown up.

How did I do it?

Well, I somehow just managed with some really immature tricks; but you could give these 5 (tried and tested ones) a shot:

1. Take some time off

There is just no point running from pillar to post trying to put things together. The only thing that is coming of it is a huge storm that is going to take down the sand fort you just made. Knowing that I did not really have the time for a long vacation, I simply just got back to my regular ‘human’ sleep routine.

No matter how much work I had or how much work I would have to do the next day at office, I willed myself to sleep on time at night.

Trust me, it works.

2. Get back to the things you love

I am not much of a TV series person, but I absolutely love books – not work related, not study related – but some really good thrillers, sometimes a bit of romance and most of the times, murder mysteries.

Working in the usual 9 – 6 job left me with just no time to sit down for a good read but hey! I decided to put in a few hours before sleeping to reading the books I wanted to. Apart from reading, I got back to writing as well – writing for myself (the result of which you are reading at the moment).

My current favourite authors – Nora Roberts and Gillian Flynn.

3. Change your playlist

There are about a dozen songs that make me sentimental – the memories linked to them, or simply the lyrics that are far too touching. Well, because my choice of songs wasn’t really going to change, I decided to switch my playlist – replace the old with the new!

Ps. Ever tried listening to Lil Wayne? Or John Legend? Or Adele? Extremes in genre – but trust me, the best you could get for switching your mood from neutral to sassy!

4. Wardrobe overhauling

This one works wonders! Shop, shop, shop till you drop – no, I didn’t mean that ‘literally’ because I don’t want to write a post on ‘how to get out of a bankruptcy’.

But being a woman or say, the typical girl – next – door, I raided sales with my mother like they were the only food stock left on planet earth. Not that I ever had less variety in my wardrobe, I just added some more (hell lots) to it! Everything that I had thought of wearing last year is now in my closet, being worn almost on a daily basis.


5. Get rid of those parasites

Ever heard your mother say, “those kids are just your friends because they see benefit in that”? Or “do you really think those are your good friends”? I’m sure you have.

What do you with it? Take it damn seriously!

Mothers are never wrong when it comes to gauging what, who and how things will be good for their children. I learnt this the hard way, please don’t try it!

I have (had, now) a bunch of people who probably just used me – either for my notes, or for fitting into circles, or simply because they thought it was good to be seen around me. Even though my mother gave me a heads up long back, I only learnt about it last year – the whole world came crashing down at my feet, leaving me with nothing but bitter memories. But here’s what happened as a result of it – I got rid of all the parasites I had gathered somehow in the last few years. I learnt from them the art of dealing (ignoring) stupid people. A big thank you to you all!

All the negativity – right out of my window.

I won’t say that I have completed the reboot – but I’m at 80% now – 20 more and I’ll probably be born all over again! (I would add beeeches to this line normally, but OK.)

Takeaway from this post?

Give yourself a really meaningful and useful gift. Reboot today. (Till stocks last. Just kidding.It sounded like a sales pitch somehow. 😛 )


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  1. I just loved it! Not only a great read but also very inspiring. 🙂

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    1. Vanhishikha Bhargava says:

      Thank you 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on THE TYPICAL SCRIBE and commented:
    ‘Cause we are worth it.

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  3. Shardul says:

    Hell yeah… Lets Reboot 😎👻

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    1. Vanhishikha Bhargava says:

      Yes! 😁✌️


  4. Madhu mehta says:

    Interesting and inspiring


    1. Vanhishikha Bhargava says:

      Thank you 🙂


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