Tattooed women

What’s the first thought that comes to your head when you hear that phrase?

“Awesome”, “Cool” , “Gawwwd she looks so good!”


“Huh!”, “What a slut”, “Wild child”

and so on..

Our society (whether you like admitting or not), has been male chauvinist for ages now. Anything that a woman does is scrutinised by a million people out there but when a man does the same, it is all okay.

No comments passed, no judgements made.

A lot many people would like to say that things have changed now; but let’s be honest here, have they?

What happens when a girl talks of getting a tattoo done? A few skeptical looks, some snide comments and a lot of other judgements are made.

I could say I am lucky enough to be born and brought up in a house where none of this was ever an issue. Starting with college, the fetish for tattoos took over and I asked my parents if I could get one.

The reaction?

My father looked up for a good deal on the internet, took us all out for dinner on the approaching weekend and after that, the tattooist. Yes, it was post dinner – very late. Yes, my family sat right next to me while I got inked. They even helped me choose what I would like to have made on me forever.

I was mighty pleased. Thrilled with the new look I donned.

But here’s what happened next..

I was always a hype in college and little did I know, things would just upscale after a tattoo. I became ‘the girl with a tattoo’ from ‘the city girl’. And trust me, a few lunatics asked me so many questions like – What happens when you get married? Why would you do this to yourself? Don’t you think it is kind of unacceptable? Will it look good with all kinds of clothes? What if you wear a saree and it shows?

Well, the only answer they got was – It is going to look good because I’ll be able to carry it off – irrespective of what I’m wearing.

“People will stare. Make it worth their while” - Harry Winston


Even though some people out there really don’t care whether the person walking by is tattooed, pierced or whatever; but then there are some who make it a point to put across their rebuttal very clearly.

I have multiple tattoos as of date and my family knows about each one of them. They haven’t judged me one bit. My friends know and they absolutely love the art. And the best thing? I still have my head right above my shoulders – maintaining the dignity a lady is expected to, without stooping down to the levels that the skeptical half of my audience might assume me to.

Am I an exception to the tattooed women out there? No.

Every woman you come across has a style, an aura, an attitude of her own and believe me, she doesn’t give two hoots about what you’ve got to say. She likes it, she does it – because either which way she is going to be able to get a good job, fall in love, marry someone, wear whatever the hell she wants, be loved by family and friends, not be judged by those who matter and most importantly, keep her self esteem going.

How can she? Because, women.

Here’s a common term you must have come across – YOLO. If a guy is allowed to do whatever he wants – even get his whole body tattooed, I don’t think there is even one valid reason for a woman to not give it a shot if she wants to. It’s her body. She owns it and what she does with it, unfortunately so, is NOT YOUR CHOICE.

"I know I was born and I know that I'll die. But the in between is MINE."

This post is just a calling to all the women out there who have probably been judged because of their looks – in this case, tattoos. Don’t pay heed to such people – ever seen anyone stop and think over a stray chasing a car? No.

I’m sure you get the hint.

If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo done, here are 3 excellent reasons to not contemplate over it much.

Oh BTW, you look beautiful.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Madhu Mehta says:

    Hi…..I completely agree with you……very well written indeed


    1. Vanhishikha Bhargava says:

      Thank you 🙂 Glad you agree!


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