Not cool enough

Priyanka Sharma

It took me a while to finish reading the text message of my teen cousin who swears by the SMS lingo. “Itz fun!” was her response when I asked her the reason behind this. However, I knew better than to point out the lack of an apostrophe and an  ‘S’ in her text.

I wasn’t shocked when I saw my friend (yeah, a grown up adult) speaking, err, texting in the same manner. No wonder, I’ve never been one of those cool people. In fact, here’s what happened the last time I conversed with someone of a similar breed. Below is the conversation excerpt:


And guess what? He blocked me after that!

Good thing he did; he was way too cool for me. 

At times, I wonder what had kept me occupied throughout the transition of ‘cool’ to ‘kewl’. Books, maybe. No, wait, I’m pretty sure about it. It…

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