Mumbai sojourn

Long back there was a statement made by someone and that someone was absolutely right when he said, “Mumbai doesn’t go too well with everyone.”

To be honest, it is a place that either grows on you and you become the ‘local trains’ master or you simply just ‘work’ here; I fall in the latter category. I have been here for about 7 months and every time someone says, “this is your place now”, I go all out screaming and shouting how I am just working here.

No, this place isn’t all that bad. The weather is just about okay and the people here don’t really give two hoots about what you wear, how you walk, etc, it has innumerable job opportunities, a wild night life, lots of places to spend days at and of course, the fast pace.

So what is it about the place that never let me feel at home? The pace.

I am from up north and have spent considerable number of years in Delhi and, have an Army background. Honestly, we are used to moving to different places and adjustment is second nature to us all – the pace could be fast or dead slow, we are people who can take it all. Not being all too modest, but that is a fact that most of you out there from Army backgrounds would relate to.

This isn’t a post to say how Mumbai didn’t suit me, nor is it a post to say anything negative about anything. It is an anecdote of the months spent here in as brief a manner as possible and an introduction to ‘my people’. 

The place.

There was a job opportunity with a start-up in Mumbai that walked in oh-so-suddenly sometime in August last year. After almost a month of contemplation over whether the opportunity was worth the move or not, I decided to take it up at my own risk.

I reached Mumbai in September and from that day, everything has been a roller coaster ride. The roller coaster ride that I mentioned earlier – the one that came with no instructions whatsoever; the one that changed my life almost immediately.

Here it rained, it was humid all the damn time, there were no cycle rickshaws (just autos), no metro connectivity through and through, and there was just no way you could wear what you wore back in Delhi. Actually, you can wear all those things but not in their rainy season. First hand experience – I ruined my favorite Carlton London footwear and linen pants within 3 days of house hunting here.

Which takes me to the next thing, house hunting. You’ll find houses in abundance here and there are a few that you might not even feel like paying the rent they quote; so it all comes down to finding the one you click with. I found mine in 3 days, thankfully and trust me, it was a beautiful house; not talking about how I did it up, just the house itself.

The opportunity.

I joined this new office within a week and then, the roller coaster ride just became wilder. They welcomed me to their “family” in a way that I had probably seen a few top companies do. There were people who weren’t all that old; which made talking to them pretty easy. Though there were a few who possibly did nothing to make me feel comfortable in the beginning, there was one “girl” who did.


The only techie girl. Married. Looks like a college going kid. The only smart girl who not just knows her business but keeps out of crap with dignity. Yes, the only one who despite the fact that I wasn’t in her team, made me feel good. I’ll stick to calling her a girl, simply because the woman does not look her age!

After the settling down and trying to feel comfortable was done, came in the work. Work, that I had done before and some that I had no clue about. With just about a year’s experience in writing and social media, diversifying seemed almost next to impossible; but working in a start-up, teaches you exactly how not to stick to your comfort zone.

To me, this was an opportunity that couldn’t have been possible if the man behind it wouldn’t have been so active on social media. From bettering myself at writing, to learning (if not completely) a lot many things from different field, to the bonding, it has been a joy ride on the roller coaster we were all on – all the ups and the downs. Thank you for this!

And also, for all those crazy times we have had together.

Yes, there were things that I said no to a few months down the line; but there were reasons behind the same and the reason was surely not the fact that I didn’t want to learn. I have been a keen learner all my life. I moved from Engineering to Programming to Technical Writing to Content Marketing to being a considerably known Digital Marketer. To be honest, if I was that bad at taking up new things, I don’t think I would be here today.

I made mistakes and some of them included me not communicating enough; there could be a dozen that some people out there could list down right away but here’s what I have to say to them – Sorry. Sorry, if you felt that I wasn’t doing enough. Sorry, if you felt that I was a hindrance in your work. Sorry, if you ever thought I was trying to tell you that you didn’t know your job (trust me, that is something I would never do). Sorry, if I couldn’t take a few things that you expected me to at my position. Sorry, if I could not “contribute” enough. Lastly, sorry, I am human too and to err is human.

There are things that make you stronger and then, there are things that help you better yourself. The things that I learnt in these 7 months lie in the latter category. To all those who felt giving me a feedback wasn’t going to be constructive enough, I’m sorry again but you are wrong. I’ll use the negative to make a positive and the positive to take me further. But here’s another thing that is beyond the feedback, there are a few levels where you faltered as well and if you could own up to them, you’d be the best world over.

Feb. 25, 2015. The end.

My people.

I came here with a mind set to only work and not make friends. To be honest, that was my way of keeping myself strong after a long list of betrayals but I failed at doing that. If you look at me today, you’ll find me glad that I failed at not making friends.

A person who comes across as someone really snooty, I’m usually not the kind of person people easily bond and hence, I have always had a small circle of friends. Thank God for that!

The geeky guy..

..who never spoke a word in the beginning owing to his general nature and of course, being in the tech team. Today, he is the first one to come to my mind when you ask “Who’s your friend here?” (Who’s your daddy?). He is the one who I could call anytime of the day just because there is a stupid lizard in my washroom. The one who will just be told that we are going desperate shopping because I know his “no” turns into a “yes” for me every time. The one who I could spend all day sitting upright (resulting in a badass back ache later) watching movies and hogging on food! The one who I can Snapchat, chat, Whatsapp, talk and so on, any given time of the day.


My emotional boy who has started to look so dead beat these days, Dude! I am not dying. This isn’t the end; it is the beginning and if you think I’m going to let you live in peace after I leave this place, you are mistaken.

Also, yes I come to know when you are around without even seeing you. That is creepy but that is the level of attachment that I have with you. Beech you beech! Know one thing, you’re super handsome so please don’t grow your hair any longer than they already are.

The stud boy..

..our selfie king and the most approachable person. You and I share a bond that is probably beyond anyone else’s understanding. You know my story, seen me go through it and been there through thick and thin despite the fact that we had not known each other for too long.


You were my first “person” here; someone I could talk to anytime of the day about any given thing in the world; from relationships, to work, to absolute bullshit, you are one person who will always have that place in my heart. You were there when no one was and I hope it stays this way.

Also, you had asked what will happen to you when I leave. Here is my answer: You and me are going to FaceTime all the damn time and send kisses over chats as usual. It will be just the same. Awwww yeah!

The ‘cute’ girl..

..who always wants to know what is up in someone’s life; not because she wants to intrude but she wants to worry for you in addition to herself.


She is probably someone I would call just to scare because I know if I as much as cough once, she is going to be all over the place lecturing me and looking for a cough syrup.

Remember one thing woman, even though we haven’t been “good friends” for too long, we are that now and I will do anything to make you smile (and worry you). You’re good at what you do and you’re the best person one could get minus the sooooooo sorry and soooooo many lectures. Okay?

Go Pika!

The changed designer..


..who came in after me because I knew there could be no one better than you. Even though I am leaving, trust me I will always be there for you no matter how arrogant you become. And then, we always have one place to meet every now and then – Delhi.

You’re the best at what you do but don’t let it get to your head. Do as much as you can in the best way you can and may you get all that you wish for, including Captain America’s physique.

The idli man..


This one is a new addition. It all started with breakfast time and you asking me to check if the milk was okay or not and today, you are one of those people I will really miss when I leave. From all the stupid videos to the most stupid conversations we have had till date, I have one thing to say from it all – you’re damn energetic man! Don’t you get tired?

Don’t be so emotional always keep smiling! You look good that way.

Ps. I’ll be coming to Bangalore; if not now, someday and if that someday you feed me the best idli and dosa in the world, I will find you and kill you!

Billo rani..


..who let me order heels at his house. Please don’t always wear the same colours as me or colours in contrast with mine. Or maybe, you can! It is always fun arguing with you over it. Continue running this account of yours, your lines are the most pathetic hilarious crap anyone could come across on the internet!

Please make sure you keep your Billo Rani account active and follow me back else I’ll kill you, okay?


The crazy table climber..

..who you should never trust around your phone. You are a really interesting chap but I will not give you my phone cover! You will have to pay me for it if you want it else make do with your sad white cover.

May you forever find the most absurd places to sit and work. I’ll see you soon; under a table the next time maybe! Also, thanks for bombing this picture, now I can use it against your name.

The silent one.. the message he sent. A small message that conveyed everything. You don’t talk at all but the simple fact that you even acknowledged the most irritating hello and bye I said through the day, means a lot! Talk a little man so that next time we meet, I say more than just a hello!

(The frontend..Though two of the above are in the same team, here’s a bond that I made completely out of the blue. Maybe it was because of geeky and idli or maybe it was just simple fate. Though we haven’t interacted much before I left, you guys are a whole lot of fun than I could ever imagine. We are going to meet pretty soon again because you let the devil in your lives and I am not going to let you all live in peace. Be watchful of all those cables connected to your devices because I have an eye on them. )

The techie..

..who is the best person to have a wise conversation with. The one I worked on graphs so much with that I will probably not study graphs again. The biggest AAP supporter I have ever come across, you are also the one person who I will recommend to all those who want to have a smart conversation. The majority of my last days were spent working with you. Thank you for making them worth it!

There are a lot more people I would have mentioned here but then the post is already 2000+ words. Even though there is a part 2 of this post coming, here’s for all those people who I haven’t mentioned but worked with, you have been an absolute pleasure to be around. Each one of you has taught me something – good or bad, I would like to thank you for it. A big thank you to all those who were party to getting me here, to all those who gave me a chance to learn and to all those who have nudged to me to now move ahead with my MBA (even though in the most indirect manner).

See you soon!
See you soon!

Well, as for me, one stint is over and another awaits. As far as this place goes, I think I am following my father’s footsteps. It did not go too well with him and it did not suit me. So, I think it will remain in my “must visit place” and not “settle in” place.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Pratik Bhargava says:

    A lovely farewell message to all those there

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Anon says:

    Who is the silent one?


    1. Aaqib, someone from office. 🙂


  3. Monika bhargava says:

    What a lOvely way to say goodbye. Here’s hoping the neXt sojourn takes you closer to your ultimate goal:) god bless all

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Kritika Bhutani says:

    Could really make about that person in head with the way you have described them. Awesome..


    1. Well, that was the idea! Thank you! 🙂


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