The sign off

The sign off.
The final goodbye.
Probably the last time I see most of you.

From the opportunity that walked in,
To the next thing that walked out,
Good or bad,

To all the times we have spent,
To all the memories we made,
Good or bad,

For all that you’ve taught me,
For all that you’ve made me,
Good or bad,
Thank you!

Now here’s a note to all the concerned,
Because I never leave with a stone unturned.

I might see you again,
Maybe not.
I might work with some of you again,
Maybe not.

But I’ll remember those who taught me things all the way,
And didn’t let me leave with utter dismay.
Will remember those of you who stood by,
Even when the entire world suddenly went on stand by.

This is the final sign off,
I’ll see you around when I don’t need a write off.


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  1. Monika bhargava says:

    Its true..there are no ends and this is why it is most difficult to write a final sign off cause what do you do about some special bonds one has forged. So keep all doors slightly ajar… Those who are meant to walk in , will

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