Forever (or not)

“Life is fragile, handle it with a prayer.”

Amidst all the posts talking about the Nepal earthquake – how many people died, how many building collapsed, what remains, what doesn’t and what’s being done to help the people there, you’re often left to wonder, is there any such thing as certainty?

Browsing through the various posts wishing people of Nepal a quick recovery, I came across a post by someone we know. Well, technically it is someone I know through my mother and she was the one who read this out to me:

reena aunty

I claim to be a writer and I rarely come across those who actually make the effort to take out some time to think more than what is being shown to us. This post had me say ‘beautiful’ in microseconds of it being read, and a mental note that I’m definitely going to share it in my next post. It could be a re-post from another person, but this is how I came across it.

Sometimes, rather most of the times, we manage to take things around us for granted. To be honest, it isn’t something we’re doing purposely; it is just something that our society has taught us in all these years. It is only on occasions like Diwali and Thanksgiving, that we actually end up being thankful for what we have instead of wanting more; which is usually the case on all other days.

Starting by being those who were grateful for the smallest things, we have come a long way. Today, we’re a society that has forgotten the true value of life and how special each minute we waste wanting more is.

I am part of this society and I do it too because today, this is routine.

We want what we don’t have.
We want what the other has.

But do we want it forever?

Forever or not,
We want everything that is made and could be.

Because that’s what we have seen,
And that’s how things have been.

We don’t realize the worth till it’s gone,
Because we don’t think it can.

I don’t have much to say,
Just trying to convey my slight dismay.

Be glad for what you have,
Because it isn’t going to last forever.

Everything made today,
Comes with an expiry date.

Better to make it a date till the date,
Instead of lining things to rate.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Kritika Bhutani says:

    Not able to read all the articles somehow as they are not opening here. Guess some network issue 😑.
    But the one’s I read are worth an applause. Beautiful piece of work and words ☺.
    Have been a fan of your mother since school times. My faviurate teacher and now a fan of your articles too . 😃.
    Good wishes for your future. Keep entertaining with this ‘thing for writing just to eat into our time’. 😀


    1. Haha thank you so much Kritika! This means a lot 🙂


  2. Kritika Bhutani says:

    From checking anniversary pictures of ma’am to checking your profile thereafter and then scrolling through stuff randomly, I’m glad to have opened that one link taking me to this article from where I started at about midnight 1am and without looking here and there just went on and on reading all and coming back here just to comment once again. Haha 😀
    Feel so happy for your parents to have a child like you – “Beauty with the Brains”.
    Well done and hearty wishes again. ☺😊


    1. I’m flattered you took out the time to go through so many posts of mine Kritika. Thank you! 🙂


      1. Pleasure appreciating such a great talent 👍.
        And saw today morning that few articles were still left. 😝
        Reading them now and appreciating again though not able to comment on each and every.


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