I grew up, didn’t I?

Life is considerably funny. There are times when your near and dear ones tell you how you’re their little kid and the same moment, you’re expected to act like a grown up for the outside world. Well, I certainly did grow up, didn’t I?

Here’s a funny thing about life..

It wants you to grow up so quickly that you lose track of time.
Yet it needs you to keep that child in you alive,
And not give a dime.

A couple of things that come to my head as I pen this down..
Who was I a few years back?
And who am I now?

Did someone know me then?
What about now?

What has changed so much around?
Was it the people?
Was it the world?

Oh yes, it was me.
I grew up, didn’t I?

A couple of years back (not so long ago, I’m not that old), I wasn’t known to be good enough – be it studies, be it sports or merely being a people person. Well, that’s what the fox said!

Fast forward to today.

I don’t know who I am yet,
But there are those who look up to me.

In awe or in contempt,
I suppose I’ll leave that to them.

So here’s a little thing that recently took place (February 26, 2016)..

While not many might think of it as a big thing,
But it’s a moment that is worth mentioning.

Called by a school my mother works in,
To judge a primary wing show.

Not knowing what to do,
Was probably not-so-pro.

But did someone raise a finger at me?
No. Else I’d flee!

I wasn’t treated as a judge.
It was more like family.

Didn’t know what to do,
But was guided through and through.

From where every opinion was discounted,
To a point where every word is taken into account.
Yes, I grew up and how!

It’s after a while that I have understood..

Life is a merry ride.
Somethings are dark, somethings are bright!

But there’s one thing that is for sure,
It comes around a full circle and makes you mature.

Here’s to all those working day in and day out..

There are times that test you,
But the trick is to stay sane and not go cuckoo.

Notice the little things and the people around you,
Trying to add to your life and making you do things,
You never thought you’d do!

Ps. Thank you Rashmi Kakroo and Sunita Raina ma’am for having me over at your school as a judge. And also, thank you Brunda, Soni, Anita and Nayyar ma’am (or aunties, I am not really sure here!) for making me feel at home. 

Right from the welcoming to the quick bye-byes, everything and everyone made me feel a lot like family! 🙂 

Oh, and here’s a quick photo session we had before the event begun. There are a few people missing, and there are definitely so many others that I’d like to thank for constantly being there and wishing the best for me – I don’t know your names yet, but thank you so much! 

judge event

Oh, and here’s another picture I recently got sent. 🙂

Yes, that’s how I was welcomed.

I hope to see you all again! 




7 Comments Add yours

  1. Lili says:

    First half: exactly how I feel about my life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d say, hi5! 🙂
      The thought has become a daily routine now!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hiren Madan says:

    I can completely relate myself to the first half which is in short I can say “LIFE. Everyone is trying hard to improve themselves and become more mature and sensible day by day. But it is our stupidity in the past which makes us laugh about ourselves!! 😀


    1. That I absolutely agree with!
      If it wasn’t for the stupidity, we wouldn’t really be where we are today. 🙂


  3. Priyanka Sharma says:

    And I feel (yet again) so proud of you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m just happy I still have you around. 🙂


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