Good things come to those who hustle. Little did I realise I would be standing here and repeating the same line to others who asked me why I never really took a break and why I had to just keep going. Because hustling is a way of life and you start to love it as you go. 

“Good things come to those who hustle.”

An year back when I read this quote, I am pretty sure I convinced myself that it was farce. Considering the amount of opportunities that got lined up when you lost one, I practically had no faith in it.

But after working a considerable number of years, here’s what I have come to terms with:

“Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle.”

Yes, that’s the day I decided I wasn’t going to be the typical 9 to 5 charmer at some office. I wasn’t willing be to be working on anyone else’s dream and sidelining mine. I no longer wanted to be the ‘oh she can handle it’. I wanted to be the ‘oh she’s in charge’.

Crazy? Yes, probably. You can read my journey so far right here.

Working hard becomes a habit,
A hard one to break out of.

Some serious kind of fun,
It comes with all the applied puns.

You get satisfaction from pushing yourself,
To the limit.
At other times, losing spirit
And being a mimic.

Knowing that all the effort is going to pay off,
You start to ignore the months of cough.
Yes, even that fever doesn’t matter,
After all, who’s there to batter?

The hustle is real,
For all those who know the deal.

Work hard and you’ll reach the moon,
If not, it’ll still be a boon.
You’ll land amongst the stars,
With the falling scars.

No there aren’t too many to appreciate those,
But who the hell was ever holding a fire hose.
All those times that your house was on fire,
Everyone just watched and admired.

The hustle is real,
Because taming the fire was never the deal.

If you’re working day in day out,
And there are those trying to figure you out,
Let them do what they think they’re good at.
While you add add fuel to the fire.

The fire that is yours,
The one that needs no cures.
The hustle that is yours,
The one that only needs more open doors.

“Stay focused. Stay humble. Always HUSTLE.”


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