The one that’s always going to stay. Happy Birthday Mom!

We’ve had our differences,
We’ve had some fights.
Going through it all,
We turned things bright.

You became the one I’d turn to,
Every time I came away with no clue.
You became the person I looked up to,
Every time I needed to know what’s true.

You’re brighter than us all,
Yet calmer than the nightfall.
You really do come above us all.

If it wasn’t for you,
How would we see through?
To the things far and wide,
The things that life would hide.

You brighten up our mornings,
Well, afternoons too.
Let’s try to give you a day,
That you’d love to remember too!

I ain’t no poet,
Nor a sonneteer.
Just a few things you taught,
Over the years.

With a million hugs and kisses,
And a lot of love to spare,
For the nicest mother,
That there could be anywhere..

Thank you for being our support,
Our friend, our guide.
May the years ahead only bring you
The best of the best.

Happy Birthday mom!


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