The strongest of them all. That’s my father, right there!

A true gentleman that you’d find,
Sophisticated, wise and kind.
Full of warmth and care,
And invaluable advise.

Yes, he’s the one always by our side.

He has his days,
With rays so sharp and bright.
We go through it in a daze,
Only to know it’s his own amusing maze.

Hasn’t ever looked for praises,
Never found the time to boast.
He just keeps on working,
For those he loves the most.

We’re just lucky to be one of those few.

As you turn 50 today,
Let’s let out a little yay.
For every little argument you won,
Say whatever you may!

For every little fight we won,
With you by our side.
Yes, this one’s without the pun.
For all the smirks and little fun.

It’s your day of course,
And I’m running out of words.

So I’ll quit the blabber,
To settle in and enjoy the cake,
The candles of which you just blew.
Yes, I’m a hungry kid and you always knew.

Happy Birthday Dad!
We wish only the best comes to you. 🙂


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