Are Remote Workers Happier Than Office Employees?

I have always been asked if remote working makes me happier than the full time jobs I did over the years. My answer is always a big YES.

In this post, it’s not me saying the same thing over and over again, but John Larase from TimeDoctor who proves remote workers are happier than office employees with solid statistics! Take a look. 😉

*This is a contributed post

Around the world, there is a growing trend of people working from home as more companies are starting to adapt the idea of remote office. More jobs are shifting from the office space to the digital realm. According to Elance, among the largest industries making growth online are accounting (134%) and legal (49%).

The ability to source the talent on a global scale has given employers the ability to hire the best possible person for the job, regardless of where she lives. It is a game change, which opened the doors for many capable professionals on a global scale.

Here are some stats that reveals the reasons why remote workers are happier than office employees.


Interesting right? 

That’s exactly why I have been working remotely and love every hour I spend at work

Are you a remote worker too? Do you enjoy the freedom you get from closed office spaces or do you think office goers are much satisfied with what they’re doing?

Share it with all those who have been asking you if remote working is actually good or not! 😉


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