When Expectations Make A Sound

Because it’s when the small becomes too big,
And the big becomes too small,
That the expectations set in
And you lose it all.

It’s not just you,
And not just them.
It’s a collective mess up
That loses the most precious of gems.

There wasn’t a solution
That she couldn’t find.
But there came a point,
Where she’d not go through the grind.

Losing control over the things she owned,
She made a decision
That had things disowned.
She just called it change and went on.

Because the only way she found
Some peace within
Was to handle as it comes,
With a grin.

There’s nothing that can’t change,
There’s nothing that won’t.
Grasping the reality,
She came to terms with her own.

For what it’s worth,
Will come around.
It might take a while,
So just listen to the sound.


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