You Can Never Have Too Much Stationery

So I am someone who’s on the Mac through the day. While I don’t really need a notebook most of the time – thanks to awesome apps available on the store, I actually have a huge pile of them lying in my drawer, a cupboard and on my table.

The logical question would be a big WHY, but the simplest answer I have is that you can never have too much stationery!

As I try to not shop anymore for things that I don’t use or don’t need and save up instead, I decided that I could at least keep things wish listed! I mean, I am not going to buy them right away. But I could go back to them when my current stock is over?

A reasonable shopaholic. Right? (I’d like to think so!)

So here are the 10 stationery items that I keep revisiting on Amazon and even Amazon is sick of retargeting me with purchase reminders for! 😛

(If you like them too, you can simply click on the images to reach the page – yes, I like making things easy for future!) 

1. This magnetic notepad

For those of you who know me personally, you already know I ask for two things if someone in my group is travelling – a fridge magnet and a postcard! And this cute little thing here is both. While I am not really a fan on hearts, the pink and gold colours on the notepad caught my attention instantly. 😉



2. These cute gel pens

So here’s a secret, I have been trying bullet journaling for a while – my attempts included a few scribbles, some sketches and after that it has just been all about liking bullet journals made by others on Instagram. Yes, I gave up long back. But heck, that doesn’t mean I can’t be wishing for some cute colourful pens, right?

3. This cute metal paper clip

There are so many people who don’t use paper clips anymore – including me. But then when you see a cute metal paper clip like this, why wouldn’t you want to go back to basics? I love how cute this is – definitely something for those who like to document things well (I am yet to learn how to do that)!

4. This pastel pen pouch

I am someone who used to have a lot of pouches – trust me, I still do. Although now I use them to keep some of my eye pencils more than pens, this one in pastel blue has my heart. You couldn’t just turn your face away from this one. Right, right?


5. These gift cards / tags

Don’t know about you, but I love to add quick notes to the gifts I sent across to friends. Some call it being a little old fashioned, but I feel it personalizes the gift a little – and that’s what I aim at every time. These cute gift cards/ tags are perfect to have handy – planning to buy them once the ‘month of birthdays’ begins! 😀

6. This cute owl sharpener

Let alone pens, I don’t even end up finding a pencil when I need one. But hey, this cute owl here makes me want to go back to scribbling notes with a pencil. What’s best is that it can serve as a cute paper weight too. 🙂



7. This cute storage box

No one can have enough storage. My tables are always a mess, so this linen open storage box felt was pretty nifty. Specially someone who needs to dump things and not really ‘organize’ them into sections. 😛



8. This handy wall sticker chalkboard

I have always wanted to have a chalkboard where I could write a quote for the day, scribble some notes or chalk out my daily to-do. While I know I am still not going to do it, this multi-purpose chalkboard is definitely on my wish list. Since it is a wall decal, it can be used anywhere and won’t need nailing up!


9. This monthly planner

I like surrounding myself with quotes that keep me going. Founding a company and working as a consultant, the one word that I associate with is ‘Boss Lady.’ This monthly planner is definitely my next buy, after my current one is over!



10. This set of decorative tape

A quick overhauling for an old notebook or simply my charger, I’m a big fan of 5 minute craft ideas and that’s why I think decorative tape is a must have! This set of patterned ones is multi-purpose and has already reached my drawer. (Guilty, I couldn’t help buying tape!)


I could go on an on about the wish list stationery items, but I think I’ll end it here – because I really don’t want you thinking how big a lunatic I am! 😀

What’s on your wish list?


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