To The Generation That ‘Doesn’t Give A Fuck’..

..Well, ideally I would wrap it up in one line and say, ‘go take a hike’, but today I’m going to take 5 minutes of your time today to ask:

what the fuck gif

Look around – no, really, look around and tell me if you see one kid doing what he is supposed to do at that age. Or one kid that you see talking respectfully to his elders, irrespective of the situation. Or that one kid who thinks his family is a priority, and not just his friends.

Alright, we seemed to have grown up too soon. Yes, we made some mistakes too – but the one thing we didn’t do, was move ourselves out from the family to focus on ‘outsiders’ (you can call them friends, peers, but your family is your family).

I’m talking about the kids who are barely 18, but want to drive around the globe with friends and music blazing out of the windows, when they should also be focusing on their safety and career.

I’m talking about all those kids whose Instagram looks like an account for mourning. Sharing the saddest of thoughts, saddest of things and a bio that reads something like ‘split personalities and both are damaged’.

If you were actually a case of depression, trust me, I’d love to speak with you. But when you’re doing it out of wanting to be someone else, you’re just a wanna-be who doesn’t know what you should be doing.

Please tell me how a 16 year old gets to comment on ‘relationships’ in general. Sure, you might have a boyfriend by now – but heck, you know nothing yet! And if that is all that you have been doing till date, how about going back to studying now?

I’m also talking about the ‘fitness freak’ or ‘brand conscious’ kids, who will haven’t even reached the age of earning even $1 on their own, but talk about owning Zara, driving cars, gymming here and there, having supplements and WHAT NOT.

Question to you: Do you have an endless pocket money that gets filled up every time it rains?

Because clearly, that didn’t happen with us. While we were pampered to the extent of luxury, we also knew the value of things and there were real people (read, parents – read, family) behind making that luxury come true.

I am talking about those kids who have the guts to say, ‘I don’t care she achieved a milestone’, and walkaway – the ‘she’ here is the sister. ‘How can he not give me this?’ – the ‘he’ here is the father. ‘Can she stop nagging me so much about studying or doing anything?’ – the ‘she’ here is the mother.

‘I just went to her house to check on her and see if she is okay’ – now the ‘she’ here, is the friend.

You see how the lines change? You see how the behaviour changes?

That’s their priority. They prioritise their friends over family – it’s not bad to have a circle; it’s not bad to have the best of friends (I have those I could kill for); but when you turn your back around from family, all you’re headed towards is doom – with all due respect to the ‘freedom’ kids demand today; will all due respect to the ‘hard work’ these kids have had to put in to ‘earn their pocket money’ (which comes from their parents every month, btw); with all due respect to the amount of time they have had to spend in the sun, doing a chore asked by the mother once in 2 months – Seriously, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?

When you’re sick, when you need something, when you need canvasing, the ‘she’ (sister), the ‘he’ (father) and the ‘her’ (mother), suddenly become oh-so-important. Now in case you didn’t know the meaning of selfish, or in case you haven’t heard of the word before, here’s what it means – straight from the dictionary:

meaning of selfish

Need further explanation? I’m sure you own a fancy phone, so go ahead and ‘Google it’ – or even better, go rant to your ‘circle’ about how someone wrote such a thing because ‘oh-my-God, everything written is so wrong here; I just went on a dinner with them last month’ – yes kid, last month, when you were constantly on your phone.

I’m usually not the kinds to comment on how people are living their lives – kids and adults, alike. But when I see something wrong, I’m not the kinds to hold it back and not ask ‘why’.

You’re considered a ‘kid’ for a reason and the reason is, that you’re yet to see the world. You might feel like you know everything and could tackle it all on your own, the truth is, that you’ve never stepped out from under the ‘she’, ‘he’ and ‘her’ protection ever.

So, to the generation who has stopped giving a fuck:

excuse or way

Now don’t just make it your WhatsApp dp or share it on your Instagram. Give it a thought, step back and see what you’ve been doing so far and if it’s even fair to who you’re doing it to.

Good luck setting your lives straight, mate!


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    1. no dude, literally the scene abhi!

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      1. Ugh I know! That’s why I hate everything and I hate everyone!!!


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