I see drama.

I experience life everyday.

I express better in words.

I am a dramatist. 

Who am I? 

A girl..just another ‘girl next door’ (which you probably figured by the way I write), who you probably shouldn’t try reaching out to. Nah, I am not all that scary.

An unapologetic observer..who wouldn’t really creep you out by staring at you, but you can get creeped enough because I could be noticing every move you make.

A shameless daydreamer..who thinks taking a break from work every 30 minutes to dream about a long vacation or something utterly random, does no harm.

An obnoxious sarcastic person..who will probably never give a straight answer to your question (unless I really like you, then I’ll make your life worse).

An avid reader..name a thriller, a murder mystery or a horror story, chance are I would have read it or I will the moment you suggest one. I don’t just read creepy books, you can suggest some other books as well if you like.

A multitasker..who will never abide by the “do one thing at a time to succeed” saying, end up getting into a mess but in the end, give you the best results possible.

A chatterbox..who never gets tired of talking and is up for a conversation at any given time of the day! My phone bills have never crossed INR 1000 thankfully; thanks to Facetime and other apps.

A listener..who always ends up becoming ‘the person’ for a lot of people – people who like me otherwise or not. Yes, it doesn’t go with the rest of my attitude.

A writer..the reason why you had to read so many random lines to know who I am. Elseways, an Electronics and Communication Engineer with a certification in all things nerdy, and a Digital Marketer to make a living.

I am not a good photographer, but I photo blog too sometimes at The Prolific Woman.

Having traveled a bit, I try logging it all on The Gypsy’s Daybook.


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