To The Generation That ‘Doesn’t Give A Fuck’..

..Well, ideally I would wrap it up in one line and say, ‘go take a hike’, but today I’m going to take 5 minutes of your time today to ask: Look around – no, really, look around and tell me if you see one kid doing what he is supposed to do at that age….


She’s looking for someone. Someone to take care of her, someone to tell her she’s perfect. Someone who can be with her through thick and thin. Little did she realise that this someone was with her all along. This someone was no one else but ‘she’. 

Mumbai sojourn

Long back there was a statement made by someone and that someone was absolutely right when he said, “Mumbai doesn’t go too well with everyone.” To be honest, it is a place that either grows on you and you become the ‘local trains’ master or you simply just ‘work’ here; I fall in the latter…

Work, study or play?

You might think this doesn’t fit in my Scrawls – you’re absolutely right. This is just another Anecdote. Those of you who have read my last post, JOURNÉE RÊVER will probably relate to this one more than those who haven’t (whom I would like to subtly nudge to go read that post first). I am a…