Don’t Need A Break.

There are times when I know I just want to go away for a vacation – a pretty long one, if you ask me truthfully. But there is a reason I don’t need a break from life right now and there’s a reason why I am not going to for a while.

I grew up, didn’t I?

Life is considerably funny. There are times when your near and dear ones tell you how you’re their little kid and the same moment, you’re expected to act like a grown up for the outside world. Well, I certainly did grow up, didn’t I?

It takes what it takes

Dreams don’t just come true in a day. You need to work hard; rather, you need to work harder than you ever thought you would. It really does take what it takes to make things work for you. They’re your dreams and there is no way someone else can run them for you. 

Life is all about ‘your’ choices

“Life is the sum of all your choices” – Albert Camus Even though there are many who believe they are just playing with the cards life dealt them, life is actually what we make of it. The direction (or ambiguity) of our lives is determined by the choices we make every day. Big or small,…

Not made for this

(Nor For That) Not made for friendships, Because I am tired of all the drowning ships. Tired of being there, Even when there is no one when it comes to me Because if it is me, life walks in without a knock. Not made to be a soul sister, Because when it comes to having…


Ever thought of giving yourself a New Year gift? Apart from those things you picked up for yourself at the sales, did you gift yourself something really meaningful? I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who haven’t even thought of this little ‘big’ gift – Rebooting your life. Yes, rebooting your life…