She’s looking for someone. Someone to take care of her, someone to tell her she’s perfect. Someone who can be with her through thick and thin. Little did she realise that this someone was with her all along. This someone was no one else but ‘she’. 


Good things come to those who hustle. Little did I realise I would be standing here and repeating the same line to others who asked me why I never really took a break and why I had to just keep going. Because hustling is a way of life and you start to love it as…

(Un)Employed For An Year And Loving It!

I chose to go remote professionally about an year back. There have been those who doubted my decisions, those who supported it through and through. But here’s why I think this ‘unemployment’ is suiting me and why I am going to remain so for a few more years. 

Don’t Need A Break.

There are times when I know I just want to go away for a vacation – a pretty long one, if you ask me truthfully. But there is a reason I don’t need a break from life right now and there’s a reason why I am not going to for a while.

It takes what it takes

Dreams don’t just come true in a day. You need to work hard; rather, you need to work harder than you ever thought you would. It really does take what it takes to make things work for you. They’re your dreams and there is no way someone else can run them for you. 

What’s age got to do with it?

“You’re not old enough to say something like that.” “Before we move ahead, how old are you exactly?” “You’re in your 20s’! That’s it?” “When you talk it doesn’t seem like you’re a 20-something.” To be honest, these questions are just as irritating as asking for my sexual preferences while I’m just signing up on…

Life is all about ‘your’ choices

“Life is the sum of all your choices” – Albert Camus Even though there are many who believe they are just playing with the cards life dealt them, life is actually what we make of it. The direction (or ambiguity) of our lives is determined by the choices we make every day. Big or small,…

Guts over fear

“Life is a roller coaster ride. Scream or enjoy the ride.” Whoever said that life isn’t easy, is absolutely right. It is that roller coaster ride that you can’t excuse yourself out of. It is that ride that doesn’t come with a set of safety instructions. You just need to do what you have to…

Work, study or play?

You might think this doesn’t fit in my Scrawls – you’re absolutely right. This is just another Anecdote. Those of you who have read my last post, JOURNÉE RÊVER will probably relate to this one more than those who haven’t (whom I would like to subtly nudge to go read that post first). I am a…


Daydreaming has a bad rep in this world and no matter how many studies get published, it continues to maintain its position in the list of things non – productive people do. Daydreamers are often equated with degrees of laziness. These are those everyday people who you write off as Major Tom or space cadets…