She’s looking for someone. Someone to take care of her, someone to tell her she’s perfect. Someone who can be with her through thick and thin. Little did she realise that this someone was with her all along. This someone was no one else but ‘she’. 

Not made for this

(Nor For That) Not made for friendships, Because I am tired of all the drowning ships. Tired of being there, Even when there is no one when it comes to me Because if it is me, life walks in without a knock. Not made to be a soul sister, Because when it comes to having…

The independent woman

“Who is she?” Depending on what you’re looking for, she could be just about anyone around you – probably the woman standing beside you or the one who just walked past. Here’s a definition that comes to my head almost immediately.. An independent woman is the one that lives by her own rules, likes to…

Tattooed women

What’s the first thought that comes to your head when you hear that phrase? “Awesome”, “Cool” , “Gawwwd she looks so good!” or.. “Huh!”, “What a slut”, “Wild child” and so on..

Je suis Iron Man

So I came across this fabulous Facebook page of a magazine called Femina recently. Not that I hadn’t heard of it before, but I never really thought it would be worth following on social media. Yes, the assumer in me is always up for assumptions. If you’re just another blogger, I am sure you’ll find the…